Sunday, April 10, 2016

"The Mysteries of Laura (Diamond)" Quilt

I got to go to my cousin's wedding yesterday AND I got to give them a quilt! My cousin and his new wife are both fans of graphic design and Hannah even does freelance work with her awesome design skills. I wanted to find a quilt pattern that was very bold and geometric. I finally found a cool paper piecing pattern in one of my Fons and Porter magazines. The pattern was called "Emerald Ikat". Here's a picture:
I started buying solid color fabrics at a couple of different quilt stores and eventually started piecing the blocks together. (I also used leftover gray cotton chambray from the soccer/wrestling t-shirt quilt that I recently made.) While I pieced the blocks, I watched the entire first season of "The Mysteries of Laura" on Netflix. That show is so great!! The characters are funny, the plots are not always easy to figure out, and there were over 20 episodes which is always nice. The main character is Detective Laura Diamond and the actress is Debra Messing. I thought it was cool how the blocks began to form diamond shapes, not to mention, Debra Messing tends to wear lots of saturated jewel tones. So the name of this quilt just popped into my head and it was perfect! (I also started watching X-Files next and the gray fabric forms X's, but now I'm probably reading too far into it...) Haha. ;)

Here are some pictures that I got at the wedding site. Big thanks to my Dad for being my quilt holder this time around!
I found this really cool shot cotton that changes from green to red, depending on which way you look at it. I thought that would add a cool touch of dimension to an otherwise all-solids quilt.
I used a solid purple fabric for the back and I love how it shows off the quilting.
As usual, the wind was a factor in this photo shoot. Sorry, Dad! There was even some rain/snow mix coming down and I realized as I was editing these pictures that there's a smudge where a raindrop fell on the lens. Oh well! Nothing I can do about it now.
Here's a nice (slightly blurry) picture of me with my cousin Ben and his wife Hannah. Her dress was BEAUTIFUL!! I want to marry my husband all over again just so I have an excuse to wear that dress. 
Hannah said, "This is the coolest quilt I've seen in a long time!". Mission accomplished. I'm so glad they liked it!
Happy marriage, Ben and Hannah! Can't wait to hang out with you and play some Splendor. :) 
I've got three more wedding quilts to make in the next three months, so stay tuned for more updates! 


  1. It is a spectacular quilt and how fun that they loved it so much!

  2. fabulous job, love the colors you choose. The design is very striking.

  3. Gorgeous finish! I love the bold colors. That's also a fabulous day to get married (it's my birthday! LOL).

  4. That's awesome! It would have been an even better day if it wasn't 40 degrees and snowing (in April!). I swear this wedding felt more frigid than my sister's wedding last December. Craziness! PS - Happy belated birthday! ;)

  5. Beautiful quilt, Jessie! I like yours much better than the one featured in the magazine. I'm sure it will be loved for many, many years by the newly married couple. *Great pics of your dad in the breeze!