Quilts 2015

In order from oldest to newest.
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Bright Colors On A Winter Day (January 2015)

Here are some updated pictures from the beach!

Scrappy Gray Table Runner (January 2015)

Boho Baby Quilts (January 2015)

Cuzco Crossroads Quilt (February 2015)

Black and Gray X-Plus Quilt (March 2015)

Aviation Inspired Baby Quilt (May 2015)

Kerstin's Wedding Quilt (July 2015)

Wonky Rectangles Baby Quilt (August 2015)

"Trying To Be Cool" Quilt (August 2015)

Flight Suit Diaper Bag: Round Two! (October 2015)

"Radiant Blues" Police Officer Wedding Quilt (November 2015)
 Soccer/Wrestling T-Shirt Quilt (December 2015)

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