Quilts 2013

In order from oldest to newest.

Autism Conference Fundraiser Quilt (April 2013)
I was asked to make this quilt as a fundraiser for the Autism Conference of Texoma. The colors aren't exactly my taste, and the curves were not fun to glue and applique, but everyone seemed very happy with the final product and it raised quite a bit of money, so that's all that matters. :)

Potholders For My Mother-In-Law (Before She Was My Mother-In-Law) (mid-2013)
My husband and I met in September 2012, started dating in May 2013, got engaged in August 2013, and were married in November 2013. We have the military to thank for that quick timeline, but we wouldn't have it any other way. ;) Somewhere in there, I decided to make some potholders for his mom. It's fun to make little projects when you need a break from a bigger quilt.

Birthday Wallet (December 2013)
I made this wallet as a birthday gift for my cousin, a fellow quilter.

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