Monday, December 15, 2014

LOTS of Finished Projects to Show!

Another title for this post should be: "Quilting Photography Is Not A One Person Job".

I've been on a roll finishing quilts lately, but my husband hasn't been home during the day to help me take pictures! Today was a cloudy day, but I decided I couldn't wait any longer. If anyone has any recommendations for a good quilt frame or hanging method, please let me know. I'm sure my husband would appreciate it. ;)

Here is a jelly roll quilt that I recently had quilted. The pattern is from a book called "Modern Basics II" by Amy Ellis. The fabric is Modern Roses by Moda. I used a pretty teal batik from my stash for the binding. The quilt top was pretty before I had it quilted, but the quilting really made the colors and the design pop in a way that I wasn't expecting. This has quickly become a regular couch/lounging quilt in our house.

This next quilt is actually the second quilt top I ever finished, after my college t-shirt quilt. I had it quilted while I still lived in Texas, but it sat in a box until I recently found it again. All it needed was the binding! This pattern is from Little Louise Designs (she can be found on Etsy) and it's called Danish Delights. I still love this color combination, even three years after I picked it. I don't use a lot of orange in my quilts, so this one is unique in that sense. This is another "me" quilt that I'm keeping for myself. :)

My grandma's quilt guild has a limit of 75 members, so I'm currently on the waiting list to become a member. I've really enjoyed the two meetings I've been able to go to as a guest. Show and tell is such a fun way to get inspiration and (let's be honest) to get compliments on the projects that we've finished. ;) Last year, my grandma won the blocks of the month for three months in a row, so she had a lot of nine patch blocks and wasn't sure what to do with them. She decided to use a disappearing nine patch pattern and I helped her figure out a good layout and provided the backing. I pieced a few of the rows, but she finished it and then gave it to me as a gift! I think she's just happy that we recently moved into a house only 10 minutes away from her house. It's a win-win situation for me because I get to go sew with her and her friends at least twice a week!

We also did a paper pieced Christmas tree at last month's guild workshop. I gave the tree to my Mom when she came out for Thanksgiving, so she's going to add the button ornaments herself.

I was also able to finish the top for my Schnitzel & Boo Mini Swap quilt. Now I have to figure out how I want to quilt it (my least favorite part). I just hope the quilting doesn't distract from the striking design.

Another fun little project was this "Grumpy Cat" paper pieced pattern from Sew What Sherlock. I made this as a Christmas gift for someone special, so I hope she likes it. :) I think I'm going to make it into a small wall hanging (it's only 12" by 12", so it's a little small to be a pillow).

There's one more quilt that I finished today, but I want it to be a surprise for the recipient, so I have to use all of my willpower to resist posting pictures. It's BEAUTIFUL and modern and I can't wait for you to see it!

Well, I think I'm officially caught up on updating my recent finishes. As you can see, I've been very productive lately! I think it helps having a good long arm quilter nearby and also knowing that show and tell is coming up. Apparently that's all the motivation I need. :)

Let me know what you've been working on lately and if you've finished making all of your Christmas gifts! I can't wait to see what other people have been working on.

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